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Coach Calls Timeout - Basketball Coaching Resource - Basketball Plays are we? Coach Calls Timeout is run by three brothers with over 75 years of combined experience playing and coaching high level, organized basketball. We each played college or university basketball in Canada and Brian won a national championship as the head coach of the Mohawk College Mountaineers.

Coach Calls Timeout is built upon Brian’s fundamental belief that a positive attitude and an encouraging coaching style results in greater success. Success is not just measured in wins and losses but also the quality of the players’ and coaches’ experiences.

Coach Calls Timeout - Basketball Coaching Resource - Basketball Plays can we do for you? Coach Calls Timeout is a multimedia platform designed to help you become a better basketball coach. We have free resources and a coaching membership plan.


  • ARTICLES in our blog are designed to help you better connect with your players and improve your knowledge base.
  • INTERVIEWS with successful coaches in our podcast. Listen to their stories and learn from their experiences.
  • COACHING FORUM to share advice, ideas and experiences. Make connections with like-minded people that last a lifetime.


  • BASKETBALL PLAYS in video format available to be downloaded directly to your laptop, phone or tablet. Each video is sorted by skill level and situation and clearly shows the exact timing of the plays and outlines critical moments.
  • PRACTICE PLANS to maximize your limited gym time (for all skill levels and ages). Follow the plans and watch your team develop as the season progresses.
  • PRACTICE DRILLS to enhance team and individual development. Each drill is also in video format and available to download directly to your device.

New content is added every month for members. Learn more about the membership plan.

Coach Calls Timeout - Basketball Coaching Resource - Basketball Plays can you use Coach Calls Timeout? In short, anywhere you wish. Download any play or drill to your device and carry them with you everywhere you go… no need for an internet connection to review them.

Coach Calls Timeout - Basketball Coaching Resource - Basketball Plays can you use the videos? The basketball plays and practice drills can be used during practices, time-outs or your spare time. The videos are compact files you can send to your players. Get them ready for tomorrow’s practice, limit down time and focus more on player development.

Coach Calls Timeout - Basketball Coaching Resource - Basketball Plays join Coach Calls Timeout? Coach Calls Timeout is a subscription-based alternative to the many single item basketball coaching products designed to give you half the story and make you purchase more. Once you join, it’s one annual fee in exchange for access to our entire portfolio with new video plays, video drills and forum discussions added monthly.

Coach Calls Timeout - Basketball Coaching Resource - Basketball Plays can you join? Just click the ‘Sign Me Up’ button below. For $36 you get access to over 150 plays, practice plans and drills for one full year. No contracts, no hidden fees, cancel anytime.


See you inside!

Brian, Dan and Brady

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